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Interracial Couple


Through  our work together I will guide you to:
Trust your own inner guidance
Cultivate self-compassion as the foundation of change
Identify and resolve inner conflicts that keep you stuck
Create and sustain healthier relationships
Be fully YOU!


Individual Therapy

Individual counseling can help one get back on track. Life with its challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Traumas, losses, life transitions, depression, stress and anxiety are struggles common to most. These difficulties can make it hard to function at our best and can affect our families, work and our overall sense of well-being and confidence. 

Counseling can help you to recognize and change your distressed or habituated patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving to create a life more aligned with your deepest intentions of how you want to live. Therapy is a joint venture of identifying your goals and intentions. What do you want to have happen differently? In a kind and caring atmosphere I help you build on your strengths and experience. Each session is unique to the situation and to the person.  Cultivation of Mindfulness (present moment awareness), and Self Compassion are the basis for personal growth. Somatic Focusing, inquiry and investigative skills will aid you in understanding your motivations,  in unwinding past script, to resolve conflicts and to more easily find your way back to balance and a sense of freedom.


Counseling Can Help:

  • Increase self-acceptance and confidence 
  • Cultivate self-compassion and self-love
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Work through losses, traumas, PTSD,  grief
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Experience more joy 

Couples Counseling

Couples  counseling is often a vehicle to help couples find their way back to trust and love for one another. Through  a safe, non-biased, caring process couples can share intimate details about their lives and interaction. This safe haven creates the possibility for couples to open up more easily. Each person will be heard and respected.

Couples therapy challenges  couples to investigate their individual motivations and commitment to one another, as well as, to explore new, more effective communication skills.  Nonviolent Communication skills are taught to help couples learn to communicate easily-to really listen and hear, to recognize trigger words that cause a sense of separation,  to learn to disagree fairly.  Distressed couples often find themselves repeating the same patterns, the same argument, over and over.  My training in Marriage and Family Therapy can  help couples identify their dysfunctional dynamics and choose new ways to relate to increase warmth and connection. My style is direct and dynamic. Couples say they appreciate the caring and supportive atmosphere, for the work of relationships is often challenging and can be painful. On the flip side, the results is often more connection which spurs more  shared love and joy! 

Couples Counseling / Therapy Can Help:

  • Strengthen Communication Styles
  • Deepen Intimacy
  • Work with Betrayal and Affairs
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Work with Difference in Parenting Styles
  • Understand your and your Partner's Movitavations better
  • Reconnect with Enjoying One Another


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